About the Centre

The roots can be traced back to the early war years when Jack Flaherty trained at Ardwick lads club in Manchester. Jack was a member of the British Olympic Team at the 1948 London Olympics.

In the early 60′s Jack began coaching young talented gymnasts at Manchester University, producing such talent as Rick Jakubowski, Junior British runner up, and Eddy Arnold British Champion.

One of his gymnasts, Trevor Pugh, took over the coaching mantle, and developed a club at the Didsbury University Faculty in the early 70′s. This became known as Manchester South Gymnastics Club.

The club developed four training venues in the South Manchester Area, until a permanent training facility was established at Sharston, Wythenshawe.

South Manchester Gymnastic Centre was established to cater for as wide a range of children as possible. It is a voluntary organisation and registered charity.

The Centre provides the facility principally for children and young people from pre-school age to adulthood. It provides for many in South Manchester an opportunity to discover and develop talent from simple badge work to the very highest level. The children come from all areas of South Manchester and surrounding districts.

The sport not only develops in young people physical skill and high levels of fitness but also self-discipline, self-confidence and self-awareness of a high order.

South Manchester Gymnastics Centre is recognised by “Gym Mark”, who’s  purpose is to provide recognition for clubs that are committed to providing quality experiences, focusing on improving their member’s talent.