Gymnastics Club

There has been a tradition of gymnastics in the Manchester Area for many years, initially centred on the University and Didsbury College. With the boom in gymnastics in the early 70′s came the necessity to create a club for gymnastics within the city. This was achieved with the aid given by the Education Department & Community Education.

The Club was inaugurated in 1973 with the object to encourage and promote competitive Gymnastics.

During the last 30 years the club can boast many individual and team North West of England Champions.

For the past 30 years members of the coaching staff have held positions on the North West Technical Committees. These positions have included Vice President, Regional Coach, Competition Secretary and Judging Convenor.
Manchester South Gymnastics Club is the competitive section at the centre. Classes operate throughout the week after 6pm and at weekends.

TW Pugh High Performance Coach
Harry Pickup BG Level 4 Coach and National Judge
Mark Langley BG Level 3 Coach and National Judge
Adam Coogans BG Level 3 Coach and Club Judge
Parisa Mahjoob BG Level 3 Coach and Regional Judge
Alex Mathieson BG Level 2 Coach and Club Judge
Brian Pickup Club Coach
Joyce Bolchover BG Level 1 Coach
Katie Walsh BG Level 1 Coach and Club Judge
Laura Myers BG Level 1 coach and Club Judge
Emma Shahidi BG Level 1 Coach
Ben Robinson BG Level 1 Coach
Steven Miles BG Level 1 coach
Hazel Fern National Judge
Simon Pilling Regional Judge
Agnieszka Matthews Regional Judge